Navigation tools and simple layouts for starting out with neocities.


Javascript Nav Tools

Updating Sidebar -- Add a sidebar to all your pages, and edits in one place (the .js file) will update the sidebar links across all pages.

Updating Top Navbar -- Same as above, but horizontal and responsive instead of fixed-width.

Layout Templates

Felinium -- Top banner, updating sidebar, responsive layout. Made and named for my good pal Felinium. (DOWNLOAD .ZIP)

Rubix -- Responsive, tiled homepage layout made with flexbox. (DOWNLOAD .ZIP)

Jim's Home Page -- Geocities-style site example made for a friend. Explains the most basic parts of a 90s-era HTML and CSS site. (DOWNLOAD .ZIP)

Eggramen's Layouts -- Lots more CSS and layout samples to use on Eggramen's site.

AlmostSweet's Layouts -- 3 additonal layouts in varying degrees of customizability.